Kashmiri Dry Fruits: A Blessing From Kashmir Valley

Kashmir is a place of excellence and beauty and all of it is represented in its people and other gifts that it has been bestowed with. It is known for its scenic beauty with a range of mountains and rich cultural heritage. As it is famous for its landscape, nature, and handicraft, so is it for its dry fruits. If goodness, royalty, fine taste, strength, and beauty had a name or would have been compiled in one, it would have taken the shape of Kashmiri dry fruits. Known for their rich taste, superior quality, and goodness, Kashmiri dry fruits are produced directly from its orchards and are truly a blessing from the valley of Kashmir. With months of laborious efforts of Kashmiri farmers, dry fruits are cultivated in the best of form.


Dry fruits mean that they are dried out which is achieved by sun-drying them. It makes these fruits crisp because of dehydration making them tastier and less weighted.

And these dry fruits are:

Kashmiri Almonds (Badam)

Kashmiri Walnuts (Akhrot)

Dried Apricots (Khubani)

Dried Figs (Anjeer)

Cashew (Kaju)

Raisins (Khismish)

Pistachio (Pista)

And others

Kashmiri Almonds (Badam):

Often referred to as ‘King of Dry Fruits’, Badam is grown here in early spring which brings with it eye-catching scenes in and around the orchards. It arrives with a message of strength and hope. During spring season in Kashmir, flowers are in full bloom and blossom throughout the valley. The almond flowers, being one of them, can be pink or white in colour and are a sight to behold. One such place called badam vaer has several almond trees and is visited by tourists and locals alike to enjoy the breathtaking view. They are good for blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. They are filled with antioxidants and are high in Vitamin E and other minerals. Almonds are a powerhouse of essential fatty acids, fibre, and proteins. 

Kashmiri Walnuts (Akhrot):

Kashmiri Walnuts referred to as Doon in Kashmir are grown in Kupwara and Shopian region of Kashmir. They are harvested in the autumn season ( mid-September to early November). Walnuts in Kashmir are famous for their superior quality and fine taste. Walnuts are rich in proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamin B. 

Apart from this, every single part of the tree can be utilized and is beneficial for us. Its timber is very strong and is used in wood carvings. Leaves help in eye irritation, skin disorders and also helps people with poor appetite. Walnut shells have a lot of industrial value.

 The job of getting the fruit is very tough. To get the fruit, the farmer has to reach the top of the tree and beat the fruit-bearing branch with a long stick. Then after washing the fruit, it is dried under the open sky for a week after which it is packed and consumed.

• Dried Figs ( Anjeer):

Fig is one of the oldest fruits that humans have cultivated. The fruit comes in green, yellow, and purple colors. It is a seasonal fruit but is available throughout the year in dried form. Dried figs have a unique mouth-watering taste. Figs can be eaten fresh or dried. They can be used in the preparation of jams. The health benefits of dried figs are many. They prevent hypertension, heart diseases, and coronary heart diseases. They are good for patients suffering from diabetes and also help in strengthening bones. They are good for people with anemia and also prevent colon and breast cancer. With these tremendous health benefits, it should be referred to as Dr. Fig. As they are low-calorie foods, they are good for weight loss as well.

Dried figs

• Dried Apricots (Khubani):

The valley that grows several delicious fruits grows another delicacy of Apricots. The fruit is round and yellowish-orange, they have the shape of peaches but are smaller than them and also have a sharp taste to them.

They are grown from early May to June. From the past few years, Kashmir has seen an increase in the production of Apricots, and each year their quality increases. They are consumed in fresh as well as in dried form. The dried one (Tser) is considered very important on auspicious occasions. Dried apricots are very tasty, nutritious, and have many health benefits. They help in strengthening bones because of the presence of calcium in them. It also helps with muscle cramps. For people on a weight loss journey or who want to go for it, this fruit is a good low-calorie addition. They are rich in Vitamin A, C and potassium as well.


So, every dry fruit of Kashmir is unique in terms of taste and benefits. Justifying the topic Kashmiri dry fruits are truly a blessing to and from Kashmir. Do give your loved ones the gift of good health by giving them Kashmiri Dry Fruits.

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