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  • Natural Honey (Multifloral) is gathered from native plants and flowers in Kashmir’s natural forests. Bees collect nectar for this honey from many different flowers primarily Acacia, blossoming at the same time in forests, orchards, and on meadows.
  • When it is harvested in spring, the Kashmiri Natural Honey collected from different flowers and plants of Kashmir’s natural forests is known for its bright colour, exotic aroma and rich taste.
  • A natural sweetener, Crimson Natural Honey has a rich history of being used as a food item and is indeed the best when added to one’s morning routine. From the foothills of northern Kashmir’s region, Crimson brings to you 100% Pure & Natural Kashmiri Multifloral Honey.
  • Crimson honey is unadulterated and non-pasteurized, free from any kind of additives and preservatives to retain its maximum nutritional value.
  • There are so many benefits to Multifloral honey as it is from many flowers, so taking in all the benefits of each flower makes it very strong honey.
  • Crimson Natural honey is effective in strengthening the body’s immune system. It is packed and delivered under hygienic conditions directly from honey farms to you.
  • Want to know more about Kashmiri Multifloral honey check our blog, Multifloral honey.


Crimson Kashmiri honey is the perfect sweetener with no added sugar which makes it an excellent choice when you have to improve your health. White honey is considered to be one of the best types of honey not only because of its delicate and sweet taste but for its texture and health benefits as well. Crimson White Honey is packed under proper hygiene. This natural honey has a clear consistency, almost transparent and mild delicate floral taste. When used on a regular basis white honey can help reduce the appearance of scars or wrinkles as well as soothe wounds and inflammation. Crimson honey  is deliciously sweet, prized for its delicate taste, sensitive smell, and colour. We at Crimson deliver honey with all its natural qualities. It is difficult to return to some other nectar after you have tasted Crimson honey from Kashmir.

Honey is a sweet food produced from flowers by honeybees using nectar. Honeybees are the most widely recognised source of honey and are the only insect that produces amounts of honey. Kashmiri honey is gathered from native plants and flowers in Kashmir’s natural forest. Bumblebees gather nectar from a wide range of blossoms fundamentally Acacia(white honey), blooming simultaneously in woodlands, plantation and on knolls. At the point, when it is collected in spring, its tone is brilliant, the taste is sensitive, and it smells wonderful.

We offer the highest quality of unfiltered and unpasteurized Kashmiri honey, shipped from Kashmir directly to you. Our 100% natural honey comes straight from beehives, ethically made just as nature intended, and then bottled by us and that’s it.


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