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  • Our dried apricots are scrumptious and best for snacking Honey candy in flavour, springy on the outside, jammy inside. Packaged in a re-sealable bag for non-stop freshness.
  • Dried Apricots comprise 10 instances greater magnesium than different fruits, through which they have an effect on the development of mental capabilities because of the excessive ranges of magnesium and phosphorus. These factors can assist in normalizing blood pressure.
  • As nicely as being dry and full-flavoured our dried apricots incorporate masses of fibre, antioxidants and lots of different dietary factors.
  • Dried Apricots may have useful consequences on diabetes and inflammation. Some studies indicate that they’ll be of assistance in the course of pregnancy.
  • There are many amazing benefits of consuming dried apricots daily.

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4 reviews for Dried Apricot 500g | Crimson

  1. Rutba Bazaz

    Vitamin K is a vitamin found in dried apricots that is useful for blood clotting. This vitamin helps stop excessive bleeding. and gives best quality products

  2. Tanzeela Zargar

    crimson apricot are so tasty and best quality products

  3. Tanzeela Zargar

    crimson Dried figs are so tasty and best quality products

  4. Riyaz Masoodi

    Soft and a naturally sweet flavour apricots.

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