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  • Anjeer is known as ‘The Fruit of Heaven’.
  • Crimson Dried Figs (Anjeer) help fulfill the nutritional requirements of a woman during her pregnancy. It is known as one of the healthiest fruits as it is rich in nutrients and is highly recommended to pregnant women.
  • Fully ripened and dried on-branch in your own Kashmir Valley, Crimson Dried Figs (Anjeer) are hand-selected to ensure only the highest quality product reaches you.
  • Dried fig’s deeply sweet and mouth-watering taste leaves no space left for doubt as to why they have been consumed for centuries.
  • Dried figs(Anjeer) are indeed the undisputed king of health benefits. They are not only delicious and healthy but also a wonderful natural ingredient for your personal skincare routine and can help you stay young and beautiful. Applying fig paste to the face allows important nutrients to be transported to the dermal layers of the skin.
  • Wealthy, moist, and sweet, Crimson Kashmiri dried figs are sure to be your favorite.
  • Check our latest blog on the benefits of consuming soaked anjeer.


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3 reviews for Dried fig 5kg | Crimson

  1. Rutba Bazaz

    dried figs are good for you crimson provides best quality products

  2. Tanzeela Zargar

    crimson Dried figs are so tasty and best quality products

  3. Rutba Bazaz

    truly amazing. Looking forward to buy more from crimson.

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