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Honey has always topped the chart due to its naturally delicious taste and various health benefits. However, there are different types of honey available in the whole world around 300 categories among them are the types which are commonly known as “Uni-floral and Multifloral Honey”. Here we are going to briefly discuss one category called “Multifloral Honey or Natural Honey”.

What is Multifloral Natural Honey?

Multifloral natural honey or multi flower honey is derived from honey bees that normally suckle on the multiple flowers in the spring. It is made from the nectar of many different flowers. It has a substantial varying colour, taste, and strength according to nectar sources. Therefore, there is not only one form of multiflora honey available, as there are endless floral variations. The particular characteristics of each type of multifloral honey are replicated year after year with less or greater variability. However, its fundamental characteristics are still identifiable.

Kashmiri Multiflora honey is a honey combination of different flora from the Kashmiri Himalayan Mount. Also, Natural Honey (Multifloral) is gathered from native plants and flowers in Kashmir’s natural forests. Bees collect nectar for this honey from many different flowers primarily Acacia, blossoming at the same time in forests, orchards, and on meadows. There are so many benefits to Natural honey as it is from many flowers, so taking in all the benefits of each flower makes it very strong honey.

In addition to this, multi-flower honey also has a bactericidal effect and is usually incorporated in countering anemia and allergies. Regular consumption can also aid in heart, stomach, and intestinal ailments and has a nourishing effect on the skin. As already discussed above multi-flower honey is mild and light in flavor, so it can be consumed by adults and children alike, as a natural substitute to sugars and sweeteners.

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