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Saffron Milk:

Saffron Milk is a delicious and healthy drink insured with the goodness of saffron. Saffron milk or Kesar doodh is considered very royal in India as it has a lot of health benefits and is ideally consumed during winters. This drink is served at famous festivals like Diwali and Holi, as it is very rich and royal. Saffron milk is highly recommended to toddlers, kids, adults and especially pregnant women due to its countless health benefits. It is a myth in India that saffron milk enhances the complexion of a baby that is why it is recommended to pregnant women. however It is beneficial for pregnant women as it has anti-depressant properties works to reduce mood swings in pregnant women, it can improve digestion, induces good sleep, regulates blood pressure and decreases morning sickness(Saffron during pregnancy). I prefer taking Kesar doodh when I have a cold. It has been very beneficial for curing my cold and flu allergies. You can either make it plain or you can add some nuts to enhance the texture. I have avoided using other flavours like cardamom or cinnamon as it will overpower the delicate and rich flavour of saffron. 

Before we begin with the recipe here is the brief description about the ingredients used.

Ingredients for saffron milk


Saffron is expensive yet the most important component of the drink. The royal ness of the drink is bought out by this spice. It is considered good to roast the saffron before adding it to the milk. It helps to bring out the original flavour to the drink. There are a lot of companies producing adultered saffron however use only pure saffron. Crimson brings you pure saffron without any adulteration.


Milk is the nutritious and fatty item in the drink. However, if you area calorie-conscious person you can also use low-fat milk for the drink.


You can use sugar whether brown or white as per your choice. You can also use honey or any other sweetener to bring out the profound taste.

Dry fruits:

Dry fruits make the drink healthier and desirable for everyone. It adds a nice crunch to the drink. Use any kind of dry fruit as per your preference. Prefer crushing dry fruits before adding them to the drink.

Quantity required for Kesar doodh:

1litre full fat / low-fat milk.

10-15 strands of saffron.

10- 12 almonds (crushed).

10-12 cashew nuts.

4tsp sugar (as per taste).

How to make saffron milk /केसर का दूध:

1. Roast saffron on a dry pan for about 2 min.

2. Take milk in a pan. Add roasted saffron to the milk and leave it for 2hrs.

3. Now heat milk in the pan and give it boil. Add dry fruits and sugar.

4. Cook milk on low flame for about 20 min until the milk thickens.

5. Taste and adjust seasonings if required.

6. Serve milk hot or chilled and garnish with saffron strands and dryfruits.

Additional tips for Kesar milk:

  • You can make the drink more delicious by adding khoya.
  • You can add dry fruit powder instead of slivers.
  • Add a little bit of ginger powder and a pinch of cumin powder to make the dish healthier. It will keep your body warm during winters.

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