Why Crimson Gold Edition Saffron Is One Of The Best Saffron Available!

Crimson Gold Edition Saffron is a high-quality Kashmiri Mongra Saffron that has been tried and tested by thousands across the country. It has an unquestionable reputation of being among the best available in the market and online. The unrelenting characteristics it possesses are the hard work and sweat of farmers associated with Crimson who work tirelessly to magnify its already prevalent qualities.  The farmers make sure that conditions required for resulting in quality saffron are maintained. 

No Pesticides: –

Crimson Gold Edition Saffron is grown naturally using saffron corms which are planted deeply into the soil, without the use of deadly pesticides, and is 100% organic. It can be consumed by people who are cautious about the quality of food they eat. The pesticide residue left in saffron degrades its standard and is available locally in the market.

Low Sunlight: –

Crimson Gold Edition Saffron is grown under limited sunlight, preferably a Chinar tree where the amount of light falling on the saffron flowers is optimal. This makes sure that the coloring strength of saffron threads is maintained. The high intensity of sunlight makes the flowers droopy, reducing the quality of saffron. 

Fertile Land: –

Crimson Gold Edition Saffron is grown in the fertile lands of Pampore. Pampore soil has all the requirements needed for finest saffron like, loamy soil (soil with a high percentage of sand and silt and very little clay), acidic pH value ranging between 6.3 to 8.3, and dry land with a very low content of moisture. These factors enumerate the superior quality of Crimson Saffron.

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Harvesting: –

Crimson Gold Edition Saffron is harvested manually without the use of machinery. The farmers go early into the fields working relentlessly plucking the whole flowers from which the saffron threads are picked individually with hands later.

Post-Harvesting: –

The raw saffron is then dried using dryers at a certain temperature without damaging or impacting the quality. The dried saffron is the raw form of saffron called lachha saffron consisting of Mongra and Zarda. The bottom zarda part is removed manually resulting in pure Mongra Crimson Gold Edition Saffron.

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