About Crimson


Hailing from the land of saffron and with an unrivaled understanding of saffron, we proudly introduce ourselves as one of the leading growers, traders, and exporters of Kashmiri Saffron.

With a farming and cultivation history dating back more than 100 years in the saffron, we take real pride in our heritage and look to combine this with the best of present-day technologies to grow, process, grade, and pack the best quality of saffron in the market.

From sourcing the best raw material to processing it correctly, we ensure that Crimson is pure, fresh, aromatic, and of the highest quality standards. Kashmiri Saffron is known for its health benefits and strong essence across the globe.

Capitalizing on its widespread popularity we ensure that Crimson meets all international standards of quality in its packaging. We lay special emphasis on the packaging of our products so that they reach their destination in the best condition without losing their aroma, nutrition, taste, texture, and value.

In 2016 our Crimson brand diversified into Honey processing and packaging. Our company is also well known for its procuring, processing, and packaging of honey with many special properties and health benefits. Acacia (White Honey) and Multifloral honey which is available in different packs is taken straight from the beehives, collected by our beekeepers from mountainous belts in Kashmir which is 100% natural.

We at Crimson collaborate closely with researchers in beekeeping to ensure the exceptional and distinguished quality of our honey.

In the last few years, our honey products have been successfully exported to many different states in India where all quarantine and quality standards have been successfully met. Crimson Honey has not been genetically modified or processed in any way which helps to maintain its active properties and natural nutrition to the highest level possible.

Moreover, we deal with other famous Kashmiri products like Kashmiri walnuts, Dried figs, About CrimsonKashmiri almonds, Dried

apricots, and the famous Kashmiri Kahwa.