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Coronavirus has rapidly changed into a worldwide pandemic. Unlike many common viruses, the human immune system has not previously been exposed to the new and unique coronavirus which has made it harder to battle this highly contagious COVID-19 pandemic. Studies have shown that the percentage of the population suffering from clinical depression has seen a rapid increase. As health officials around the world struggle to battle the coronavirus (COVID-19), people are searching for different ways to boost their immune systems against this deadly virus. They are turning to ancient remedies such as saffron, ginger, honey, dry fruits etc. to increase their immune system.


Saffron is a valuable spice obtained from the Crocus sativus plant. It is known as crocus or Kesar in Hindi. Kesar is the stigma of a flower and is used after drying its extract.

Throughout history, this versatile spice has been used for its amazing medicinal properties. It is well known for being used to prevent as well as cure various diseases.

Since the world is battling the deadliest pandemic, the need to stay fit and healthy has become even more important.

Research was conducted recently to understand the impact of Saffron on the symptoms of Covid-19. During the studies, it was found to possess immunity-boosting properties while simultaneously reducing the intensity of symptoms with which the covid positive patients were influenced. 

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It works amazingly in the human body suffering from post-covid depression, anxiety, and other mental health-related issues that are becoming more and more prevalent during quarantine and lockdown because of its anti-depressing characteristics. Having a few strands of saffron can help you have a good night’s sleep making you feel fresh and energetic.

So, adding kashmiri saffron as a daily immunity booster in your food will help in aiding the body’s immune system because of presence of antioxidants which may prove to be indispensable for recovery after coronavirus exposure as this herb is loaded with carminative, diaphoretic, and aphrodisiac properties.

Recent research shows that taking 100mg of Kesar a day offers a temporary immunomodulatory response which might prove beneficial against this deadly virus. Moreover, such a dosage has no harmful effect on its user.


This spice’s unique chemical composition is what sets it apart not only for your nutritive needs but also to boost your immunity. So, if you are looking to buy saffron then you can purchase it easily from the safety of your home without any hassle. You can now order this magical herb on our website. We are also offering free delivery regardless of the quantity purchased. Let’s fight this pandemic together by taking due precautions, avoiding mass gatherings, building immunity, and taking vaccine shots.


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