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  • Kashmiri Saffron is known to energize dishes with a pungent, earthy essence and is used as an ingredient in most dishes throughout the world.
  • For the cultivation of Kashmiri Kesar, there are two famous areas in Kashmir. Pampore is one among them.
  • We at Crimson use an old traditional method, our Zafran flowers are carefully harvested. All of our saffron stigmas are meticulously handpicked, and only the best stigmas are chosen to pack.
  • Crimson Kashmiri saffron is the best and finest in quality. Not only because of its high cost but also because of the aroma and quality of taste that it brings to the dishes on which it is used.
  • Our Kashmiri Kesar is well known for its exotic fragrance and culinary taste. You can also add saffron to your daily skincare routine. 
  • Crimson Kashmiri saffron, hygienically packed, gives you a taste and fragrance that is incomparable to any other.

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Crimson’s Kashmiri Saffron, renowned for its ability to invigorate dishes with a distinctive pungent and earthy essence, is sourced from two prominent cultivation areas in Kashmir, with Pampore being a key contributor to its exceptional quality. At Crimson, we adhere to an age-old traditional method of harvesting Zafran flowers, ensuring a meticulous selection process for the saffron stigmas.

The careful and deliberate handpicking of each saffron stigma is a testament to our commitment to delivering only the finest product. We take pride in selecting only the best stigmas for packaging, ensuring that our customers experience the epitome of quality and flavor. The resulting Crimson Kashmiri Saffron stands out not only for its elevated cost but, more significantly, for the unparalleled aroma and taste it imparts to the dishes it graces.

Widely acknowledged for its exotic fragrance and culinary excellence, Crimson’s Kashmiri Kesar has become synonymous with superior quality in the saffron market. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond cultivation to the packaging process, guaranteeing hygienically packed saffron that preserves its authenticity.

The incomparable taste and fragrance offered by Crimson Kashmiri Saffron make it the preferred choice for culinary enthusiasts and chefs alike. Whether used in traditional Kashmiri dishes or international cuisines, our saffron elevates the overall dining experience. In essence, Crimson Kashmiri Saffron is not merely a spice; it is a symbol of exceptional quality, carefully curated to bring a touch of luxury to every culinary creation.


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