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Kashmir Saffron 1gm (Gift Box) | Crimson


  • Pure Kashmiri Saffron is well known for its exotic fragrance and culinary taste.
  • Mongra saffron, hygienically packed, gives you a taste and fragrance that is incomparable to any other.
  • Real saffron (Zafran) flowers are handpicked and processed manually to get silky threads called “Saffron Mongra” or “mongra saffron” which is considered the best quality Saffron grade in the world.
  • Kashmiri saffron is the best and finest in quality. Not only because of its high cost but also because of the aroma and quality of taste that it brings to the dishes on which it is used.
  • You will see saffron, referred to as Zafran or Zaffran, Kong, Kesram, Kesar, or Keshar, depending upon, which part of the country you belong.
  • Organic Kashmiri saffron is also used in cosmetics as it helps in glowing skin and acne treatment.


A Treasure from Kashmir – Crimson’s Kashmiri Saffron Gift Box

Discover the finest Kashmiri saffron presented elegantly in Crimson’s signature gift box. Our pure Mongra saffron threads are carefully hand-picked and processed using traditional methods passed down through generations in Kashmir.

Renowned globally as the best quality saffron, these delicate strands release an exotic fragrance and unparalleled flavor when used in cooking. Referred to locally as Zafran or Kesar, this iconic spice imparts a beautiful golden color and complex taste to dishes.

Beyond the kitchen, our organic Kashmiri saffron offers skincare benefits too, contributing to a healthy glow. Give the gift of Crimson’s exceptional saffron to upgrade meals and pamper yourself or loved ones.


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