Kashmiri Saffron Qahwa (Kehwa) 400gm | Crimson


  • Kashmiri Saffron Qahwa (Kahwa) tea is a wonderful beverage with a combination of delicious taste, aroma and health benefits.
  • Kahwa is a warm tea that’s always hot. Kashmiri Qahwa warms the body and fits the cold climate of Kashmir.
  • Due to the presence of saffron, Kashmiri Qahwa serves as a warm drink & helps to withstand the cold winters.
  • Crimson Kashmiri Qahwa (KAHWA) loaded with almonds, cardamom, cinnamon, green tea and saffron gives you a delightful taste that will leave you in a fully thrilled and magical world.


Kashmiri Saffron Qahwa (Kahwa) tea is a wonderful beverage that combines delicious taste, aroma, and health benefits. Loaded with almonds, cardamom, cinnamon, green tea, and saffron, crimson Kashmiri Qahwa (KAHWA) offers a delightful taste that transports you to a fully thrilled and magical world. Due to the presence of saffron, Kashmiri Qahwa serves as a warm drink that helps withstand the cold winters, making it ideal for the chilly climate of Kashmir. Kahwa, always served hot, is a warm tea that warms the body and complements the cold weather in the region.


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