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It’s better to sit with the elders of our families and learn the benefits of saffron during pregnancy. Wait! Do you know, Saffron is the most precious and expensive spice in the world as it not only adds color, flavor, and aroma to the food but also bestows some health benefits? In India, elders in the family highly recommend Kesar for pregnant ladies because of its numerous medicinal properties. Also, there is a strong myth among people that if you eat saffron(Kesar) during pregnancy it will have a brighter effect on your baby’s complexion which is not proven scientifically. It does not influence your baby’s color however introducing saffron into your diet in any form is generally safe and beneficial.

Saffron has always topped the chart for its various health benefits on the body. Saffron is loaded with various active components like crocin, carotenoids, safranal, etc., minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help in boosting the immune system of the body, prevent cancer, and act as painkillers and anxiety relievers. They also help in controlling diabetes, reducing inflammation, and increasing bone strength in your body. There are many ways to use saffron during pregnancy.

What are the benefits of saffron during pregnancy

There are various benefits of eating saffron for a pregnant lady. Here we share some of the beneficial aspects of eating saffron during pregnancy:-

Relieve muscular pain: Saffron has anti-spasmodic and antinociceptive properties which help in relieving excessive contractions in the muscles and relaxing the joints, thus reducing muscular pains during pregnancy. Also during the 9th month of pregnancy, it has a muscle relaxant effect, like the hormone oxytocin, which prepares the mother’s body for delivery and aids in easy childbirth.

Prevents mood swings: Antidepressant action of the saffron helps in calming down mood swings that are frequently seen during pregnancy. Also, in pregnancy drinking saffron milk can treat mild to moderate depression because of its mood-altering properties.

Aid in Digestion: Many women during pregnancy complain of certain problems like constipation, bloating, and heartburn, therefore saffron alleviates these symptoms by reducing acidity, improving blood flow, and boosting the metabolism in general. 

Prevents high blood pressure: High blood pressure is a problem faced by several expecting mothers and which can lead to certain complications, if not checked. The presence of crocin and safranal in saffron ? which is effective in combating hypertension in humans and helps to reduce blood pressure. However, it is advised to have Kesar in limited quantities as excessive consumption of it may lead to a dangerous drop in your BP.

Controlling cold and cough: Saffron helps in reducing a stuffy nose, which is most common during pregnancy.

Reduced hair fall: The hair fall in many pregnant women is due to hormonal fluctuations. According to ancient wisdom and beliefs, applying a paste of saffron, milk, and licorice can prevent hair fall during pregnancy and also stimulate hair growth. 

Is saffron safe in pregnancy?

Consuming saffron in a small quantity during pregnancy is safe and beneficial. However, too much consumption of saffron during pregnancy can cause side effects that can be serious.

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