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Saffron /kesar has always been at the top of the chart because of its various health benefits on the body. Saffron is filled with various active components such as crocin, carotenoids, safranal, etc., minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help in improving the body’s immune system, prevent cancer, and serve as an analgesic and anxiety reliever. They also help to manage diabetes, minimize inflammation and improves bone strength in the body.

Saffron /kesar for Pregnant woman

Saffron is highly recommended for a pregnant lady as it delivers countless medicinal properties. It is usually considered safe to consume saffron in the second quarter, especially from the fifth month onwards. However, too much consumption of saffron (Keshar) during pregnancy can cause side effects that can be serious.

How To Use Saffron During Pregnancy

  1. Saffron Milk

Adding few strands of saffron to your milk can help in the growth and development of your baby. Further, Saffron milk can be used to treat moderate to mild depression during pregnancy due to its mood-changing properties.

  1. Saffron tea

Saffron tea (Kesar tea)  is a Kashmiri traditional tea made with saffron threads. Saffron tea is a refreshing and mood-lifting herbal beverage that has a lot of antidepressant properties. Unlike Zafrani chai which is made with milk, this saffron tea is a kind of Kehwa purely water-based thus keeps your calories in check. 

  1. Crumbling Method

There are enormous means to consume saffron in pregnancy. It can be used in different preparations like, Kheer, lassi, etc. We can simply crumble saffron threads with fingers and can further use them in dishes as per our liking.

  1. Saffron Water

Another simple way of consuming saffron is to simply add strands of saffron in a glass filled with water. Saffron water can improve digestion.

There are many myths about saffron during pregnancy.

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